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New Patient Registration

New Patient Registration

You are welcome to register with the practice if you live within the practice area. We will ask you to complete a form allowing us to request your medical records from your previous GP surgery. Alternatively, you can download and print both forms from the following links:

Family doctor services registration (GMS1)

Your health record and sharing of information

We also require two more forms to be completed, ‘Patient Mobile Telephone Number’ (for contacting you by text for reviews, appointment reminders etc), and ‘Ethnic Origin & Spoken Language’, both of which can be filled out at reception or downloaded and printed below.

Patient Mobile Telephone Number

Ethnic Origin & Spoken Language


Patient telephone numbers and next of kin

It would be a great help to us if you would kindly provide us with this information in case we have to contact you for any reason.


Continuity of Care

At the Barley Practice we think it is important that you get to know one doctor. Research shows that if people see one doctor on a regular basis they get better care and have better health as a result. We realise that this isn’t always easy as doctors, like other people, have to have holidays, attend meetings work part time etc. However, as we think continuity is important we would really encourage you to get to know one doctor and to try to see that particular doctor. At short notice if you have acute problems you may need to be seen by another doctor if your usual doctor is not available.




We have five doctors in the practice, all of whom are experienced in Family Medicine and are happy to discuss any problem with you.

Practice Nurses

Practice Nurses

There are two practice nurses and one nurse practitioner (Diana, who is able to prescribe).  The practice nurses, Diana, Nicole and Anne provide many services such as wound care, cervical cytology (smears), blood pressure assessment and reviews, new patient health checks, baby and child immunisations, travel advice, Family Planning, blood tests, ECGs and support and advice to stop smoking.

They also offer appointments to discuss all aspects of following a healthy lifestyle including weight management, exercise and alcohol intake.

The nurses also have some separate areas of responsibility as follows:

Diana: Diabetes

  • Support and education of patients with newly diagnosed or established diabetes to help prevent complications.
  • Advice regarding medication including insulin use and initiation.

Nicole: Asthma & Chronic Pulmonary Disease

Nicole assesses and reviews patients with asthma and COPD, performing lung function tests, inhaler checks etc.

Giving up smoking

Giving up smoking

All of our nurses are trained in Smoking Cessation and are delighted to help people who want to give up smoking. They will offer a personalised plan and ongoing support during the first 3 months after a person has given up. All you need to do is book an appointment with either Diana, Nicole or Anne in the usual way but please ask for a long appointment for the first consultation.

Contraceptive Services

Contraceptive Services

We offer a comprehensive contraceptive service including implants, intrauterine devices and postcoital contraception.

Travel Vaccinations

Travel Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service.  Ideally we require as much notice as possible before travelling and the completion of a two page form.  This is available from Reception or can be downloaded and printed from the following link, then follow the steps below:

Travel form

Planning A holiday or business trip abroad? We offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service.

Next Step – Before you book an appointment:

  1. Download the travel risk assessment form or collect one from reception
  2. Fill it in and return it to us ideally no later than 5 weeks before you travel. The more time the better.
  3. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment within one week of returning the form.

Please note we regret that no traveller will be seen without a completed travel form.

Before your appointment we advise you to go to and look up your planned destination. Remember there is more to travel advice than vaccinations.

Don’t leave it too late

Most vaccinations need to be administered at least 2 weeks before travel but for departures to long haul destinations and some risky destinations a course of injections up to 6 months before is recommended. Getting your travel risk assessment to us as quickly as possible is vital to enable us to ensure you are fully protected. Despite this if time is short it is still advisable to speak to us for advice.

Please note on the day and emergency appointments will not be available for travel vaccinations.

Travel advice

You can download our travel information sheets or collect a copy from reception.

Barley Travel Advice Sheet

Insect Bite Avoidance

Useful Websites

Travel Vaccinations Costs

Not all vaccinations are free on the NHS. Currently we are able to give Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccinations free of charge.

If payment is required for vaccinations we will make this clear before you make your appointment. These vaccinations are ordered in on a named patient basis so full payment is required in advance. Cash and cheques payable to Dr T Clubb are accepted.

Common Questions

I have booked a last minute travel deal and leave in under 4 weeks?

However short time is before you travel it is never too late to seek advice. Complete a travel questionnaire form and inform reception. We will try and accommodate you, but please note if there are no routine appointments available you will have to go to a travel clinic. We will try our best but full immunisation may not be possible.

I have missed my appointment?

Failure to attend your booked travel appointment without any genuine explanation will mean you will need to have your vaccinations at a travel clinic. Travel clinics do not give any vaccinations free of charge and there may be a consultation fee as well. So remember – don’t miss your appointment!

I only need a booster?

If you only require a Hepatitis A booster and have no travel plans then please book a routine appointment.

If you require a booster but are planning another trip a travel assessment form needs to be filled in and we will contact you to make an appointment.

Will all my vaccinations be given at my appointment?

Some vaccinations require a course of up to 3 injections; your further appointments will be booked at that appointment.

All I need is Malaria tablets?

Please complete a travel questionnaire and return to reception and we will contact you to make an appointment. If you are a business traveller and frequently require Malaria tablets please discuss this with one of our nurses.

I have been advised to take antibiotics because I’m travelling to a risky area?

After assessment of your travel questionnaire and if it is recommended for your area of travel, antibiotics can be issued on a private prescription available from the surgery.

I have lost my Yellow Fever Certificate, what can I do?

We are a Yellow Fever Centre so as long as we have or you can provide exact details of your vaccination we can issue you a replacement certificate, even if we didn’t give you your injection. There will be a cost of £10 for a replacement certificate.

Other Services

Other Services

We also provide joint injections, minor surgery, cryotherapy and vasectomies.



Free from infection/fitness to resume studies 20.00 4.00 24.00
To whom it may concern (ex. fit to fly/travel) 20.00 4.00 24.00
Private Health Insurance claim form 25.00 Exempt 25.00
Shotgun certificate 25.00 5.00 30.00
Private sick note/Prescription 15.00 Exempt 15.00
Vaccination Certificate 15.00 Exempt 15.00
Seatbelt Exemption Certificate Free Free Free
LEA Entertainment Licence 24.00 4.00 28.00
Ofsted Health Declaration Booklet 35.00 Exempt 35.00
Lighter Life form Free Free Free
Access to medical records under Data Protection Act – All requests for access to medical records must be made in writing. Requests to view medical records will be by appointment only:
To view 10.00 Exempt 10.00
Copies of records – partially held on computer and partially on paper or totally paper based Up to 50.00 35p/sheet Exempt Up to 50.00 35p/sheet
Copies of records totally held on computer Up to 50.00 35p/sheet Exempt Up to 50.00 35p/sheet
Solicitors copy of manual/computer records Up to 50.00 35p/sheet Exempt Up to 50.00 35p/sheet
Detailed written report/proforma report without examination 56.67 11.33 68.00
Detailed report with examination, ex. HGV, PSC, Racing, Drivers, Elderly, Sports 120.00 24.00 144.00
Comprehensive examination ex employment 130.00 Exempt 130.00
Driving licence photo verification form 25.00 5.00 30.00
Passport photo verification form 25.00 5.00 30.00
Occupational Health Medical/Reports:
Short report (extract or proforma) 33.33 6.67 40.00
Detailed report (no examination) 66.67 13.33 80.00
Detailed report (with examination) 108.33 21.67 130.00
Private Fostering Medical and examination 108.33 21.67 130.00
Blood test for Insurance Report 25.00 Exempt 25.00
Medications on flight Free Free Free
List of medications Free Free Free
Medical summary Free Free Free
Travel Clinic:
Rabies Immunisation, per dose (3 required) 55.00 Exempt 165.00
Meningitis ACWY (Menveo) 70.00 Exempt 70.00
Japanese Encephalitis per dose (2 required) 90.00 Exempt 180.00
Hepatitis B (adult), per dose (3 required) 45.00 Exempt 135.00
Hepatitis B (child), per dose (3 required) 40.00 Exempt 120.00
Blood test after Hep B to check immunity 30.00 Exempt 30.00
Yellow Fever (including certificate) 70.00 Exempt 70.00
Cholera (2 dose course), for course 65.00 Exempt 65.00
Yellow Fever duplicate certificate 10.00 Exempt 10.00
Yellow Fever exemption certificate 10.00 Exempt 10.00
Private Patient:
GP Consultation (per 15 minutes) 60.00 Exempt 60.00
Nurse Consultation (per 15 minutes) 40.00 Exempt 40.00
GP Home Visit 100.00 Exempt 100.00
DNA Blood Tests or Hair Test (plus lab fee) 27.50 Exempt 27.50
ECG 55.00 Exempt 55.00
ECG recording with report 103.50 Exempt 103.50
GPR Report 97.00 Exempt 97.00
GPR Report and Medical Examination 117.00 Exempt 117.00
GPR Additional Information 25.00 Exempt 25.00
Blue Badge Report (including VAT) 30.18 30.18
Blue Badge Report and Examination (including VAT) 47.06 47.06
Vasectomy 300.00 Exempt 300.00